New Zealand’s Digital Inclusion Challenge: Beyond Computers in Homes

30/5/2017: 20/20 Trust has outlined its view of the future for digital inclusion in New Zealand and its development and piloting of, and transition to, a new approach in its work for digital inclusion. The new approach retains the core elements of Computers in Homes that have worked well in the past – local community engagement and building digital confidence – and offers greater flexibility in how the needs of specific communities are met.

In New Zealand’s Digital Inclusion Challenge: Beyond Computers in Homes we outline our preparation for this transition and our view of the future for digital inclusion in New Zealand.

  • Giving Families access, skills

    Bringing computer technology within reach of all NZ families with school aged children.

  • Building School relationships

    Helping parent-school relationships, demystifying technology and the curriculum.

  • Reducing digital exclusion

    Building digital literacy and promoting intergenerational learning.

Tackling digital exclusion of school children in New Zealand

Computers in Homes provides training, technical support, a choice of Chrome Books, refurbished laptops or laptop computers, and home Internet to students’ families in low-decile schools – so they can join the online world.

WaiBanner2Schools report Computers in Homes…

  • increases students’ educational attainment
  • strengthens links between families and schools
  • helps parents get more involved in children’s learning

“a successful way of engaging with our families”


CarrisbrookeFamilies say Computers in Homes…

  • builds valuable computer and online skills
  • helps family members find work
  • gives adults new confidence in learning

“our tutor made us feel relaxed and at ease”


Yusef Abdullahi, CiH tutor, with children in the programme at the Refugee Youth Action Network Centre in Auckland.Refugee advisers use Computers in Homes…

to help newly arrived refugee families. They say it:

  • has proved to be enormously successful
  • has successfully removed every barrier

“it is a delight to observe parents in the community, who have few literacy skills and who speak no English, start developing confidence and enjoyment in using their computers”


Community partnership delivers

Computers in Homes is a partnership of the 20/20 Trust with schools, families, trainers, technicians, computer refurbishers, community organisations, government and business.