IITP CEO calls for long-term funding of Computers in Homes

Paul Paul Matthews, CEO of IITPMatthews, CEO of New Zealand’s IT association Institute of IT Professionals, is strongly in favour of Computers in Homes. Yesterday in the National Business Review, he said Computers in Homes is a “great example of a programme making a real difference” and calls for “funding certainty” for it.

The article says:

“Computers in homes gets a welcome boost – but for how long?

Also in Vote Education, it’s great to see the government’s support of the 2020 Communication Trust’s Computers in Homes programme continuing with another $3 million investment in 2014/2015.

Computers in Homes helps get Kiwis in the greatest need online, with a comprehensive training programme and provision of a computer and free (for a limited time) Internet connection. This is a great example of a programme making a real difference tackling the digital divide in lower socio-economic communities.

This is both a bouquet and a brickbat, however, as the funding continues to be year-by-year with nothing committed beyond next year. Come on guys, this is a great programme that has shown outstanding results over a long period of time – it’s time to give them some funding certainty over a three to five year period rather than making them waste precious time and resources coming cap-in-hand to government every year. Please.”

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