Restored funding – what it means for NZ families

Coalition Agreement Labour and NZ FirstIt’s tremendous news that the NZ Labour/NZ First Coalition have just announced in their Coalition Agreement that they will “Restore funding for Computers in Homes”!

The just published Computers in Homes Annual Report 2016/17 shows with stories and statistics why the programme is so important – and successful – in helping New Zealand families get full benefit of being online.

40,000 families, 120,000 children are without home internet access

There’s around 40,000 NZ families and 120,000 NZ school children with no home internet access. Now we and our network of delivery partners and participating schools can restart this family-centred programme that has already helped 19,000 families fully participate in the digital world.

How 20/20’s Computers in Homes helps

Participating in Computers in Homes gives disadvantaged families a tablet or refurbished computer, subsidised broadband internet, digital skills training, and support. It’s all needed to let students carry on their online learning out of school hours, but also gives their parents and carers the digital skills and confidence they need to support children’s education, communicate with schools, get better jobs and continue their own education – perhaps with other 20/20 digital skills programmes for life, work and learning (for details visit

In their own words

What we thought was to be the last Computers in Homes report has just been printed, with lots of participants stories. Here are a few of their words.

“I am a lot more confident… use the computer for mostly everything.”

“I used the internet to find me a job as a Financial Mentor and also used the CiH certificate at the job interview.”

“My children and I are truly grateful for what Computers in Homes has made possible for us all. Everyone [with the opportunity] should GIVE IT A GO.”

“If it wasn’t for the encouragement from my tutor I would of left. [Soon] I loved the learning and the environment. Thank you very much.”

“So glad they now have this to use for school work and pleasure [and to] keep in touch with family.”


More information

Press release: Coalition Agreement restores Computers in Homes funding

Read all the stories – download the complete Computers in Homes Annual Report 2017 (PDF, 5.2 MB)


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