WINZ client to WINZ client advocate

Tania in her office
Budgeting Services? No problem! Tania in her office doing the job she loves! She can now enjoy a Christmas without stress and so can her WINZ clients thanks to her budgeting skills.
While we await reinstated funding announced in the Coalition Agreement, we continue our series of  Computers in Homes stories.

My name is Tania Sneddon. I am a solo mother of two children, living in Ahipara, west of Kaitaia.

I enrolled on a Computer in Homes course, found in my daughter’s school newsletter. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and I feel I gained a huge amount of computer knowledge. My tutor, (Deb Cloete) was absolutely fabulous. I graduated on 26 June 2015 with 40 other people, and took my new computer and all its bits home. I felt this was quite an accomplishment!

Nearly a year later, my children have used the computer for so many things – music, games, research for school projects. I started out slowly. First with email; then I got on to internet banking and studied Introductory Budgeting on-line, which involved downloading information, using Microsoft Word, researching data and sending e-mails with attachments plus scanning, storing, retrieving and resending information.

I finished my studies and received a 98% pass. I started voluntary work at Kaitaia Family Budgeting Service and soon I was offered a full-time position as a budgeting officer. It all happened so fast – it was a bit overwhelming to begin with. I think the greatest feeling was going to Work & Income to sign off the benefit, what an awesome moment!

Now when I go to Work & Income, I go as an advocate for my clients and that is a great feeling. I’ve been here for five months and look forward to work every day. Things are not such a financial struggle now and my children and I are looking forward to a fabulous Christmas.

Thank you for making this all possible for me!

Tania Sneddon, Te Ahu Kaitaia

You’ll find a fuller version of Tania’s story on page 25 of  2017 Computers in Homes half-year report (pdf, 3.8 MB)