Computers in Homes helped whole family

Just doing my bit. Linda Warburton now runs the Paraparaumu Transfer Station Shop
While we await reinstated funding announced in the Coalition Agreement, we continue our series of  Computers in Homes stories.

Support son’s learning was initial aim

Linda joined the Computers in Homes programme at Otaki College in February 2015. At that stage, she had a son at college and felt that although he was very competent and confident in using the computer, she wanted to upskill and support his learning.

Computer in Homes training increased skills, and confidence

Linda was working part-time at a store which sold second hand goods and knew that although she loved the work, it was not a sustainable income for her and she wanted to be able to find something that was.

“I loved the class. I was really nervous in the beginning as I felt like I didn’t know much about computers, but Rachel the trainer was a great support and by the time we got to the third or fourth class I was feeling more confident.”

Applying online no longer a problem

After completing the programme in May 2015, Linda found out about a position at the Paraparaumu Transfer Station taking care of the shop. She rang to find out more and said she was told to apply online. “I had never applied for a job online before and all I did was ask for the website to find the application information, I uploaded my CV and here I am today”.

Linda has transformed the local transfer station shop. What once was a very over cluttered building is now spacious and very clean. She has enlisted the help her family to support her in her new role by volunteering their time and she brings vibrancy to the place that wasn’t there before.

huge difference to quality of life” for Linda and children

“To be honest doing that 20 week course and getting the internet on at home has made a huge difference to my quality of life and that of my children.”

Linda was the first person in the class to ask for follow up classes. Unfortunately the Stepping UP programme had not yet started at Otaki library* but we look forward to that being a possibility in the near future. (* Stepping UP courses are now running at Otaki and other local libraries)

Ka pai Linda, you are an inspiration to us all.

Download full 2017 Computers in Homes half-year report (pdf, 3.8 MB)