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This page is for parents and carers wanting to know about Computers in Homes.

Computers in Homes (CiH) gives school students computers and internet at home.

Computers in Homes works because it focuses on people – building your computer skills and helping you and your family through the first year.

How would Computers in Homes help our children?

Computers in Homes…

An East Coast family celebrates having digital skills, a computer and the
An East Coast family celebrates having digital skills, computer and the internet
  • helps children do better at school with reading, maths and writing skills
  • provides a computer, set-up for you at home, for homework and family use
  • helps you get more involved in supporting your children’s learning
  • shows you how to use a computer and the internet safely
  • subsidises internet connection with access to educational websites and games
  • connects you with school by emails, websites and newsletters

What do other parents say?

Parents say they enjoyed the training and it gave them confidence in their computer skills. Using the internet makes them feel connected and helps them at work, or looking for work.

Parents, school principals and Computers in Homes leaders talk
about how the programme works, and what it has meant for them.  

Here are stories from people who have done Computers in Homes:

Graduating Mum shows her special rapport with the tutor at Royal Road School
Graduating Mum shows her special rapport with the tutor at Royal Road School

What would I need to do?

If your school asks if you want to take part in Computers in Homes, you would need to

At Computers in Homes training
  • agree to take part in 20 hours of computer training
  • pay $50 to register, which can be paid gradually over a term
  • contribute towards the cost of the internet connection, for the first year
  • use email to talk to your children’s teachers
  • encourage your child to use it for their homework
  • if asked, give feedback about how you and your family use the computer
  • after a year, pay the cost of your internet connection (if you want to keep it – you don’t have to)

What  do we get from Computers in Homes?

Taking their computer home
The principal of James Cook School helps one of her families take their computer home after a joint graduation with Marton Junction School.

You get

  • 20 hours basic computer and internet training for one or two parents or carers. This is group training, friendly and relaxed, usually in 10 sessions.
  • a Certificate, at the Graduation celebration for families
  • a computer – not new but fully refurbished, upgraded and tested
  • assistance with internet costs for a year (you pay a monthly contribution)
  • a technician to set up the computer at your home, and check all works well
  • free computer support help for the next year
  • if you want more computer training, we can advise you what is available.
Dorothy and Martha complete the Warrant of Fitness check on Dorothy's computer
Dorothy and Martha check out Dorothy’s computer

Is my school taking part?

Schools currently taking part are listed here, by region. Parents in these programmes have already been invited and started their training.

How can we get invited?

Talk to your child’s teacher, to see if they are taking part next year and if you can join on the programme.

If they are not taking part, suggest they look at the Schools Get Started page to see what is involved.

Other computer training available

Open to all families, in locations where available:

  • Stepping UP – introductory computer training, often at public libraries and usually free.
  • ICDL – on-line digital skills training with an internationally recognised qualification, for people with basic computer skills. It is free to JobSeekers over 16.

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