Government to support another 1500 families for Computers in Homes

An announcement today by Education Ministers Parata and Kaye, that funding for Computers in Homes will be extended in 2015-16 to support another 1500 families has been welcomed by the 2020 Trust. “We appreciate this on-going support from Government,” said Vanisa Dhiru, the 2020 Trust’s new Executive Director. “We especially appreciate the early notice”. ... Read more

Ratana ICT hub hosts Digital Maori Forum

Members of Parliament gather to be called onto Ratana Marae for the annual celebrations of Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana’s birthday. Computers in Homes coordinators were invited to attend the corresponding Maori Digital Forum held in the Ratana ICT Hub and Archive Centre on 23rd January 2015. The Maori ICT gathering was attended by Di Daniels (National Coordinator) ... Read more

InZone Girls’ hostel opening Te Kainga Huarahi

Members of the Auckland Computers in Homes Steering Group at InZone Girls’ hostel Powhiri, opening Te Kainga Huarahi on 22 January 2015. The InZone Boys’ hostel Te Kainga Wananga has been open for 4 years to enable Maori and Pasifika boys to attend Auckland Grammar School, with one now shortlisted for AGS Head Boy 2015. ... Read more

Empowering Newcomer Families and Youth

Interview with Di Daniels, National Coordinator of Computers in Homes (New Zealand) “We often say that Computers in Homes is not about the computer. It is about developing social capacity, promoting social cohesion and building social capital.” Bridging the digital divide means bridging an intercultural divide. Replicated in 19 regions across New Zealand, the Computers ... Read more

“It is awesome!” – Computer in Homes families tell their stories

As well as project reports and outcomes, the 2014 Computers in Homes Annual Report (pdf) includes these personal stories: “I always just thought I couldn’t learn…” “I had dyslexia early and I always just thought I couldn’t learn, I have a learning disability! When computing came along, I thought ‘I’d never be able to do that’. Now ... Read more

Computers in Homes a finalist at Excellence in IT Awards

Computers in Homes was recognised as one of three finalists for the IT Education Award at a gala event held in Auckland on Friday 10 October.  The Award was won by Dr Tim Bell from the University of Canterbury for his work in supporting the development of Computer Science curricula and supporting professional development for teachers. ... Read more

Blind CiH graduate completes online survey unaided

Janine Lonergan, Computers in Homes Coordinator in Dunedin, shared a cool story with me tonight – about one of her graduates who is totally blind but managed to complete the online pre-graduation CiH survey on his own. Apparently he has a plug-in device that converts text to speech, so that the SurveyMonkey questions are spoken and ... Read more

SNAP to provide UFB Internet for Computers in Homes Families

The major provider of internet services for Computers in Homes families, SNAP, announced today that it has negotiated agreements with LFCs in most Computers in Homes regions that will enable it to provide UFB internet services at the same price as Naked DSL services.  “This is a major breakthrough for Computers in Homes families,” said Laurence ... Read more

Computers in Homes a Finalist in IITP Awards

Computers in Homes has been selected as one of three finalists in the Excellence in IT Education category of the annual IT Awards.  Nominations for the Awards come from IITP members and finalists are selected by a panel of judges.  The winners are announced at a gala dinner being held in Auckland on Friday 10 ... Read more

Annual Report for Computers in Homes Published

The 2020 Trust has published its Annual Report for the Computers in Homes Programme and copies are being distributed to stakeholders.  A .pdf of the 2014 Annual Report can be downloaded from here.  The report records achievements during the year ending 30 June 2014 and compares outcomes with those of recent years.  For the fourth year in ... Read more