“Computers in Homes changed my life”

Visiting Google - K Simeon

“Computers in Homes changed my life by helping me and a large proportion of the fellow student body involved the InZone hostel, by giving us an opportunity to publish and store our work and use the computer facilities to the best of our abilities.

As a young keen teenager – passionate about computers – there was something that always intrigued me and I always had a sense of curiosity of what computers really were and up to the point where the computers in home introduced their technology to our hostel, I was ready and privileged enough to find out all there was to know about computers. And it was all thanks to Computers In Homes.

Having the Computers In Homes technology in hostel gave me a chance to explore the secrets which really lie beneath the hardware and software side of computer towers. As well as supplying our InZone hostel with more than enough computers to assist our academic needs we were also granted with a mentor to help us enhance with our IT skills which greatly helped me and led me to my new found goals of pursuing the career of an employee in Google. This new job decision changed from an architect to an IT expert all so fast, and it all started with just the hint of what computers can really do and the ultimate power they posses. I contacted the director of the InZone Project, Terrance Wallace, and informed him of my new aspirations and dreams and with full encouragement I knew he was going to be there for me on my long, intrepid journey.

I was able to teach myself various skills from programming to coding and networking, to building computers from scratch. With all these skills now in possession I was able to land myself an opportunity to travel to California, San Francisco and visit major technology based multinational businesses which were all conveniently placed in Silicon Valley such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and many more prestigious companies.

Thank you Computers In Homes for motivating me to become successful and giving me the determination to keep uncovering the mysteries of computers and as well as helping me put the puzzle together in terms of my career and future.”

lnZone Student – Kaynen Simeon 

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More about InZone

The InZone Education Foundation is a New Zealand charitable trust supporting education of young Māori and Pacific Island secondary students, in collaboration with New Zealand high schools. Our foundation allows low-income students to live and learn in a supportive, culturally sensitive and welcoming environment to give them the greatest possible chance to succeed in education. The InZone project strives to create for its students a positive home and education-focussed environment.

The InZone hostel has a multicultural foundation, in line with the cultural makeup of its students, and is guided by the principals of Tikanga and Kaupapa.