“This is just the start of my journey. Bigger. Better. Brighter.”

Corrin Philipp – CiH Graduate 2013 - Birdwood School
Corrin Philipp – CiH Graduate 2013 – Birdwood School

(Excerpts taken from recorded interview)

“I’ve always known I needed to do something. My kids are getting older now. I’ve never had a career or an education path. I only made it up to my first year, my third form year in high school. I left in my first term and I’ve never been back to mainstream since.

I didn’t like the teachers or being singled out for not knowing what I’m doing. I didn’t like asking for help. I was shy. I had awesome support from my parents, but this was the pathway I chose. I met the rough crowd and I loved it. I stuck with it and it was over for education. Now that my kids are older and I know and I want to do something, to be a good example to them. My daughter is getting older, she is twelve this week. I don’t want to not be able to help her with her homework because I don’t know (things). I want to show them that learning is a good thing, continuous.

When the Computers in Homes course was offered, I thought ‘Yes! Cool, here’s something’. I didn’t have a computer or internet in the home. Even though my kids are doing computers in school, I still don’t know how to do computer. I know that computers are a fact of the future. We’re all going to need to know computer skills to get a job. I signed up with a few friends. There were fifteen of us and we helped each other out and we were able to build together, so we all made it to the end. The learning wasn’t easy but we did it. If Dorothy (the trainer) was busy we could ask each other for help.

And then we graduated, and that was AWESOME! A certificate to help me make a CV – I’ve done courses in the past but I’ve never completed them. I had a problem with commitment. That was then and this is now. Sticking to the programme was really easy, knowing that we were getting something out of it and it was just such an open environment, I really enjoyed it.

I decided I should follow up my learning because my children do Kip McGrath with Waipareira Trust, I told Nina (tutor) what I had been doing with CiH, she offered me learning as well. Now I attend course every week. I feel really proud of myself. I have something where a lot of people I know, still don’t. I enjoy learning, not shy to ask questions, not ashamed or scared to ask for help. I still see my bad crowd, still love them but now I’m an example to them. People boast about me, congratulating me. People appreciate you giving things a go. Birdwood School have always said I’m awesome and been there picking me up. I couldn’t have picked a better school to do the course through.

“I can do anything. This is just the start of my journey. Bigger. Better. Brighter.”

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