Over the years the Computers in Homes programme has made a huge difference to the lives of our participating families – the following quotes from parents help to provide a brief insight into the difference we have made.

hi Di how are you? i am enjoying using the computer, but i think it has been a challenge as i have never in my life used one and i am almost 43; i am really looking forward to being able to email my children as they are away at study; when we get the computer my youngest son is going to keep teaching me; so thank you so much from me and my son.”

 “Hi Di,Thank you for organizing the C.I.H. programme in the Te Mahia School. The parents are as keen as mustard and have all got their computers set up. Thank you also for arranging the Laptop for Tania.”  Principal Te Mahia School

My daughter and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to discover the internet and all aspects of the computer which we are happy to say that we enjoy the excitement of learning today and future technology through computers. We both enjoy each others abilities whilst we learn from each other. The internet opens a wide range of learning, fun, communication, education and many other sources of information. We will stay in contact. Thank you to yourself and your team @ Computers In Homes.

Thanks for the wonderful help you have given me. My family thank Computers In Homes from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful and exciting opportunity of exploring the world from the comfort of our own home, safely.

I have 4 children at school and it’s just great that we’ve got a computer in the house which they can use. My 6 year old is quite the whizzkid on it and my 12 year old does alot of my on-line searching and e-mailing for me. As for the 3 boys well while they love the wrestling sites they do also check out the Encarta encyclopedia and a lot of the learning websites which they get referred to from the school. Me, well I love the ease of paying bills on line and I’m slowly learning more about the web and e-mailing. Thanks also for your online learning programs. We’ve continued on using Watchdog – it makes me feel safe.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for this programme we benefit from especially my children for their education. We really appreciate this scheme and hope other parents will get this opportunity. As a parent when I go on the computer I hardly get out, very interesting. Your commitment to this programme is an ASSET to the community and the ones in need. I wish I can have this programme too for our poor children in Samoa and other under develop countries. God will fulfill everything you spend to love and share for those in need. Say thanks too to the ARK for providing this asset for the future of my kids. God bless and keep the good work.

Thing’s are going really well. I have a Uncle who is really good with computer’s and he has been helping me alot. I now have Internet banking and pay all my bills via net which a big step for me,so thing’s are great. Thank you again for giving my family and myself to “move into the 21st century!

I finally have my internet up and running! I wanted to thank you so much for all you have done to help. Being a stay at home mum, you sometimes feel like you have lost touch with the outside world and if you are not careful it can become routine to stay away from all that is wonderful around you. I now feel like I have some get up and go in me. Thank you again.

Health Information and Combating Isolation

  • Parents of a child with a rare disease spent much family time back and forth to Middlemore Hospital and did not know of anyone else in NZ with their daughter’s condition. Once they became CiH family and had access to internet at home, they did a search on the syndrome and found much more information plus an international Parents’ Support Group
  • Another CiH mother found the internet kept her company, occupied and “sane” while undertaking full time 24 hr care for her sick father. Being online meant she could email family with updates on dad’s health and saved everyone money on toll calls
  • A number of mothers who had been out of the workforce for a number of years while they raised their children, found it difficult to return to the newly digitized office or workplace which became technologically equipped in their absence. They felt isolated from the modern world while their partners and children moved ahead of them, and thought they would never catch up with the ICT language most people were using. After joining CIH they have been able to feel reconnected and skilled enough to participate. They say “now I know what it means on TV when they say go to www.”

Te Whare Kokonga

Te Whare Kokonga is a community house located in Melville, Hamilton. The house is coordinated to provide programmes, services, activities and events to people in and around Hamilton South.

Participants in one Computers in Homes course:

  • James is a single father raising his two primary school aged boys.  He works full time but still finds it difficult to afford anything but the basics for the kids.  He has taken time off work to do the CIH course because he thinks it will be of such a huge benefit to his boys and their education.
  • Angie is a single mother of a teenage girl and a 5 year old boy.  She works part time also but again struggles to afford any more than the basics.  She is hoping both her children will benefit from having a computer in their home.
  • Alexia has 5 kids and wants her children to be able to use a computer for their school work.  She has no computer skills at present and is hoping the class will help her so she can better support her children on the computer.
  • Molly is hoping to explore her ancestral history on the computer.  She also wants her children to have access to a computer for their school work.  She is excited about the idea of being able to travel the world while sitting in your seat.