“… it will help my son’s school work majorly”

Pamela Taylor with two of her children
Pamela Taylor with two of her children

Changing the way we live.

Pamela graduated from Computers in Homes at the Whanganui Learning Centre in April 2013. She is a mum of three. She said “I felt really good when I graduated and brought the computer home for the kids. The classes were scheduled at a good time so it was easy to attend during the day. We never had a computer at home when I was growing up so it’s good to be able to provide that for my children.”

Since having the computer at home their lives have changed in many practical ways. Pamela found her rental home on TradeMe and much of their furniture was sourced really cheaply on BuySellSwap Wanganui on Facebook.

“The computer changed our life in lots of little but important ways. Before I go into town to buy something I check how much it costs online first. I’m always on the net looking up recipes and how to fix stuff. I bought some really good speakers for the computer so I use it for all my music. I just love being able to play songs from YouTube – such a variety.”

She also got a part-time job through the computer as well. She is thinking of doing a business course at Training For You in the future, “but it’s full-time so I need to get things sorted for that”. When the children are a little older she wants to do nursing.

“The computer has helped my children heaps. My son has really improved his writing and spelling since having the computer here.”

“He used to struggle with his reading and since we’ve had the computer he has really improved and he’s REALLY good at maths. I can tell he’s learned stuff because he helps his sisters now on the computer, it’s neat to watch him doing that. Even my youngest child is starting to look around and wants to know how to use the computer,” said Pamela.

“Our lives are definitely 100% better having a computer here. Especially as my son gets older it will help his school work majorly. Schools now like children to have access to a computer at home.”

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a computer at home, it’s good to be able to provide that for my children.”

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