Cyber Safety

Parents and schools have real concerns about internet risks and security. In response, NetSafe ( researches Cyber Safety, gives advice and has developed cyber safety resources for New Zealanders.

NetSafe has information and videos on all aspects of cyber safety including:

  • cyber bullying
  • online scams
  • cybersafety for Small and Medium organisations (SMEs)
  • Net Basics – cyber safety introduction videos
  • cyber safety for small children

Here are some highlights:

Hector’s World – cyber safety for 2-9 year olds –

Six Hector’s World cartoons and simple advice on cyber safety in bright and colourful child-friendly pages

NetSafe ‘Learn Guide Protect’ – cyber safety & digital citizenship resources for teachers

The MyLGP website has over 200 resources for teachers and facilitators to help create a cybersafe environment  and develop a digital citizenship culture in your school.  You can download a brief guide to the MyLGP website (461 KB doc)

MyLGP also has many resources helpful for parents and care givers

‘In my Day’ for parents and caregivers

NetSafe created “In My Day” to offer parents and caregivers information on the popular activities young people engage in online, the challenges they may come across as a result of those activities, and conversation suggestions for engaging with children about their online activities. “In My Day” is designed to assist parents and caregivers to guide and support their children with technology.

Google Family Safety Centre

NetSafe has worked closely with Google to create the Google Family Safety Centre advice pages. There is information here on a range of issues that we know can often be concerning to parents.

Everyday Guide to Computer Safety

This page has a good list of somewhat US-centric cyber-safety resources, recommended by school children from Charlotte, Tennessee.