Adriana overcame agoraphobia and joined Computers in Homes for the benefit of her children.

It’s All for the Children

Adriana joined Computers in Homes training at Stoke School in Nelson. Coming into her group of 9 was difficult for her, as she has agoraphobia, but her commitment to her two children – aged 7 and 14, helped her to overcome her fears. She shares her Computers in Homes and Stepping Up experiences. ... Read more

Laurence Millar, Chair of 2020 Trust

Census Reveals Regional Divide

Press Release: Opotiki District remains the most digitally disconnected area in New Zealand with only 50% of households having access to the internet, according to the Census 2013 data released yesterday. “In 2006, only 36% of Opotiki households had access to the internet, so the latest information shows a positive trend,” said Laurence Millar, Chair ... Read more

In the news: Parents must boost IT skills for homework

An Australian report says parents need to boost their computing skills so their children are not left behind with their homework. The report was commissioned by the builder of the national broadband network, NBN Co, and found 45 per cent of parents feel they are unable to fix problems their children had searching for information ... Read more