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An East Coast family celebrates digital skills, computer and internet
An East Coast family celebrates having digital skills, computer and the internet

The programme works via low decile schools, to help families in under-served communities use the internet, email and basic computer skills in their everyday lives, enhancing their performance at school and work.

The 2013 Census shows that 62,000 households with around 200,000 school-aged children do not have internet access.

In the financial year July 2015 – June 2016, we provided support for 1,750 families from 421 schools and kura. The government funded support for 1,500 school families and 117 refugee families, and another 133 families were reached by the Trust over-achieving its goals.

We are pleased the government has funded support for another 1,630 families in 2016-17. By July 2017, the 20/20 Trust’s Computers in Homes programme will have helped over 18,500 families – but there are still many thousands more needing the digital skills and access that Computers in Homes imparts.

“I would recommend the Computers in Homes programme to anyone who wishes to learn how to use a computer or advance existing skills.  It has definitely enriched our lives and I no longer feel as if technology is passing us by.” Computers in Homes graduate 5 years on.

How it works - digital skills and access

For a cost of $50, families receive free digital skills training, a refurbished computer or smart-device, 12 month subsidised Internet, and technical support.Read more

CiH Regions

Delivering in areas of greatest need:

The 2017 Coalition Government Agreement stated that Government funding for Computers in Homes - which ceased in June - will be restored. We are waiting to discuss this with the new Government. Meanwhile we continue to support the families from 2016/17 for their first 12 months online. in 19 targeted regions and 4 sub-regions in Auckland, all identified in the 2013 Census as digitally under-served communities.Read more

BYOD Equity Pilot 2014-16

In April 2014, the 20/20 Trust started a BYOD Equity Pilot providing families in lower socioeconomic areas with a micro-finance payment plan to equip their children with a device to support their learning in the classroom. Families in the pilot increased participation in digital learning for their children, increased their ownership of digital devices, and achieved increased digital literacy. The project has now finished, but it showed families appreciated the ability to make small repayments, and students were more able to participate in digital learning.Read more