CiH Regions

Graph showing families graduating increasing from 25 in 2000-01, peaking at 2,356 in 2010-11 and steadying at around 1,800 from 2011-2016The 2017 Coalition Government Agreement stated that Government funding for Computers in Homes – which ceased in June 2017 – will be restored. It was not funded in the May 2018 budget. Because of this gap in funding, the programme is suspended and in many regions we no longer have a regional coordinator.

In 2016/17 we were funded by government (and by matching voluntary and discounted service support) for 1,500 mainstream Computers in  Homes families and 130 refugee families. With the support of our partners we were able to help 11% more families than this, reaching 1,805 families.

Graph of Computers in Homes graduates 2016-17, showing nearly 400 in Auckland , over 100 in each of Far North, Waikato and refugee schemes, and an average of 50 graduates in other regions.

Delivering in areas of greatest need.

We were active in 19 targeted regions and 4 sub-regions in Auckland. All these areas were identified in the 2013 Census as digitally under-served communities, with south Auckland standing out as needing most help. Over the last year we have greatly increased our efforts in south Auckland and now have four coordinators there, with more trainers and support staff.

The demand for the programme greatly exceeded the funding available – we continued to give priority to families in decile 1 to 3 school areas in the most digitally disconnected communities. We recognise that there are many families in higher decile schools who are just as digitally disadvantaged and we include them in other local programmes where available.

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Area Manager: Sue West Phone: 0275 469 378 Email: more


Coordinator: Janine Lonergan Phone: 027 384 3611 Email: Blog: www.dunedincih.blogspot.comRead more

Eastern Bay of Plenty

Coordinator: El Alamein Tunui Phone: 021 630 278 Email: Blog: www.easternbay-cih. more

Far North

Coordinator: Emma Tracey Phone: 021 047 6806 Email: Blog: farnorthcih.blogspot.comRead more


Coordinator: Denise Proctor Phone: 022 399 0253 Email: Blog: more


Support contact: Kristina Parbhu 0800 272020 more


Coordinator: Sue Kini Mobile: 027 313 3447 Email: Blog: more


Coordinator: Tim Davies-Colley Mobile: 027 715 7329 Email: Blog: www.cih-porirua.blogspot.comRead more


Coordinator: Mercia-Dawn Yates Mobile: 027 353 5262 Email: Blog: more


Coordinators: Amanda Keen Phone: 03 236 6008    Email:  Blog: www.southland-cih.blogspot.comRead more

Taranaki/Central North Island

Coordinator: Christina Turner Mobile: 027 699 7429 Email: Blog: more


Support contact: Kristina Parbhu 0800 272020  Blog: more


Coordinator: Leila Ryan Phone: 07 843 8811 Email: Blog: more


Coordinators: Martha Manaena Phone: 027 824 4293  Email: Blog: wairarapacih.blogspot.comRead more


Contact: Kristina Parbhu  0800 272020 Email: Blog: wanganuicomputersinhomes.blogspot.comRead more


Support contact: Kristina Parbhu 0800 272020 Blog: Read more

West Coast

Coordinator: Cheryl Smeaton Mobile: 027 466 7290 Email: Blog: cihbuller.blogspot.comRead more