Sue Davidson2016-17 Regional Coordinator
Sue Davidson 


Annual Report 2016-17: 20/20 Trust has many digital literacy programmes to offer, so in Christchurch we have looked at ways to integrate these programmes so as to give our students the best possible outcome.

From July to December 2016 we had graduated 68 families in the Computers in Homes (CiH) programme. Trainer Ria Jeffcoat worked wonders with integrating 20/20 digital literacy programmes within her classes. At Bamford School, she managed a mixed class of new Computers in Homes (CiH) students plus graduated CiH students, so they had very different skill sets. All were working on KiwiSkills – Digital Citizen or ICDL online modules, giving them an internationally recognised certification.

In partnership with Power Up West and Power Up East a total of 34 Pasifika families graduated at St Thomas of Canterbury in November. These families trained at Linwood College and St Thomas of Canterbury, with trainers Susi Afitu, Tanoa Tulia and Brenda Tauliili. Overall, we have worked with families at Bamford School, Bromley School, Te Pa o Rakaihautu, St Thomas of Canterbury, Pura Pura Whetu and Linwood College this year.

Chris Danrell has been the technical support person for the Christchurch area for over 5 years now and always goes the extra mile when working with families. The programme relies on such champions.

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Recent Graduations

The map shows Computers in Homes Training Centres where students from local schools have graduated recently. Zoom & drag map, click icons for details

Information sourced from the Digital Inclusion Map

In the east of Christchurch, we have been working alongside the community group Renew Brighton in an effort to initiate a digital hub at the former Central New Brighton school site. This has now become known as The Old School, and as such, will offer a variety of classes and activities to the community. We have also worked with ARA (CPIT) tutor Tui Patel from Next Step Centre for Women/Te Poutama Wahine who is very successfully using the ICDL Digital Citizen courseware as the digital literacy component with her classes.

Another interesting Christchurch initiative is a partnership with Haeata Community Campus and Greater Christchurch Schools Network (GCSN). Haeata is offering digital literacy classes to adults in the community. The content has been structured around the needs of those attending, and taught by Mikaere Flavell, a very competent Year 13 student (see photo). From Mikaere, “The classes have been fantastic. Every time we seem to get a bit more proficient with it all. They all now email Mel with their coffee orders.”

It is sad that my association with the Computers in Homes programme has now come to an end. However in the 10 years that I have been associated with the programme, we have been able to support and progress many people on their digital journeys and this is something we should clearly celebrate.