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Annual Report 2015-16: What a whirlwind year it has been up here in the Far North. Leading on from last year’s report where we were about to graduate 40 families from the Te Ahu Centre, I can report that this event was a huge success. This was the first time that we had used a Community Technology Centre (CTC) for training instead of a school.

As we had several small schools on our waiting list, we knew it would be difficult to reach all of them while still fulfilling our allocation of a further 100 families in the funding year. So in Term 3 2015 we put together a couple of computer POD’s and took the project to Te Kura o Hato Maria (6 families) and Te Kura Taumata o Pungaru (8) which are miles away from anywhere.

Paihia and Kerikeri graduations

We also traipsed over to the other side of the Far North visiting Paihia School and graduating 14 families there. We also had an even larger group than the previous two terms at the Te Ahu Centre – 59 families at one graduation. It was a very busy time for our Far North Computers in Homes team, but we got through it all very positively, graduating a total of 87 by the end of Term 3.

So, in Term 4 we took off to Kerikeri Primary School and graduated a further 13 families there which completed our graduation target for the year, with exactly 100 families graduated.

New Community Technology Centres

With the news of further funding from the Ministry of Education for 2016-17 I have been madly planning away for Term 3 2016. I am currently in the process of nailing down Far North REAP as our CTC as this should work out more cost effective in the long run. My goal is to support 40 families with a new tutor, Sushma Brunt. We will be using a laptop POD which we can then take with us to schools or other training centres.

We are also in the midst of getting a CTC set up at Kerikeri Proctor Library to support families who missed out at both Kerikeri Primary School and Paihia School in previous terms (continues below).

Recent Graduations

The map shows Computers in Homes Training Centres where students from local schools have graduated recently. Zoom & drag map, click icons for details

Information sourced from the Digital Inclusion Map

Umawera projects

We have also offered 15 spaces to Umawera Primary School as it has been several years since we have been to this area and with the Umawera Internet Project in place and functioning it would be great to get more of our families connected to this service. I am hoping we will be able to also invite families that live in the area whose children attend nearby schools to also take part at Umawera.

Our Umawera Project now has 13 CiH families connected, none of whom were previously able to obtain an internet connection.

Stepping UP updates

Stepping UP (SUP) is still going fantastically well at the Te Ahu Centre. The Kaitaia Library staff have now taken the reins and are running the project smoothly themselves. We also have SUP running at Kerikeri Proctor Library, with tutor Vicki Penfold doing the training. Uptake was a little slow over Term 2, but with a new Computers in Homes programme in town, we are expecting that this will also attract attention to the SUP classes.

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