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Annual report: The 2015/2016 year started with a training group coming together at Tahunanui School in Nelson, with participants having a mix of experience using digital devices, including some young families who were just beginning their journey to develop their digital skills.

In Blenheim, the Ngāti Apā ki te Rā Tō Trust worked closely with their families to provide CiH training at their own venue. This was the first time I had worked with a group that was based away from a school setting, and this also worked very well.

Following the Christmas holiday break, Auckland Point and Victory Primary Schools in Nelson combined for CiH training, and at the same time Blenheim School also started training. The final training group followed these and was hosted by Queen Charlotte College in Picton and held at Waikawa Marae. This was a great collaboration and enabled a computer pod to be set up as a training resource for the community. This year, training was provided mainly in groups of ten, which allowed opportunities to work with more schools but also resulted in a busy time moving between the venues.

There were a lot of changes to participants of training groups, with keen families withdrawing unexpectedly at the start or sometimes half way through training due to changes in their personal or family circumstances. This has been disappointing for all concerned.

Families have been responding well to the opportunity to choose between laptops or desktops for their devices. After reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of both devices families have made decisions based on their personal circumstance, with two thirds still preferring desktops.

The reward for this work continues to be the opportunity to meet with people who willingly advocate for positive opportunities for families. First are the Principals and staff who advocate in this way for their children and their families, and it is through their energy and enthusiasm that programmes are initiated. Secondly, meeting and working with new tutors and technicians who hold the same attitudes to allow positive change and opportunity for families also offer their support for the learning process. And finally it is meeting families who also share the importance of making opportunities possible for their family and their children’s education and have come forward to learn more and become digitally connected. Hearing their stories and seeing the impact of this training on their lives is always very rewarding.

2016/2017 will offer the opportunity for Buller to become a part of my region. As I am based in Buller, this is very exciting for me and I look forward to supporting families in their journey to become digitally connected here and in all areas of my region.

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