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Annual report 2015/2016: Computers in Homes (CiH) has always been an evolving digital technology and connectivity programme; we need to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of our communities and stays up-to-date.

One evolving aspect for Northland in 2016 was the digital device used in training and which families received upon completion. Piloting the Chromebook, we ran the programme in a number of Whangarei schools who had decided that this device worked best in their classroom environment.

Whilst it’s widely been left up to schools to determine how they use technology to support learning, six Whangarei schools partnered with Taitokerau Education Trust (TET) to provide families an opportunity to purchase their own Chromebook for the home and classroom. Seeing a correlation between what TET was doing and what CiH provides meant introductions were made and a partnership born. CiH Northland now works alongside the TET initiative by funding an element of their Cybersmart training, and by providing families further procurement options. (Continued below.)

Recent Graduations

The map shows Computers in Homes Training Centres where students from local schools have graduated recently. Zoom & drag map, click icons for details

Information sourced from the Digital Inclusion Map

The schools found introducing Chromebooks into their classroom a genius stroke as their children’s interest in learning immediately piqued. Manaia View School’s Board of Trustees fully backed this initiative, stating in their Digital Citizenship Policy: “It is our belief that we must prepare our students to actively participate in the world in which they live. It is clear that a key skill in this new world will be their ability to participate as effective digital citizens. An important part of learning these skills is being given the chance to experience the opportunities, and the challenges presented by technology in a safe, secure and nurturing environment, where clear, effective guidance can be sought as students and teachers learn.”

Using Chromebooks in a classroom allows teachers to adapt to different learning styles, make learning more flexible, create excitement in learning for the kids and prepare them for the digital future.

CiH recognises the importance of delivering a programme that is relevant to the needs of children and their families. Training on a device that their children use was a real incentive for parents to participate. They were not only pleased to provide their children with a new Chromebook, but they better understood cloud computing and how their children were using digital devices for learning.

We also ran a number of Windows-based CiH programmes in Northland schools, as the need for this programme is still unwavering. Being a regional coordinator of a programme like CiH that is always diversifying is a real pleasure and long may we continue to assist our communities.

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