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Annual Report 2015-16: The Computers in Homes programme gives families a fantastic opportunity to open their families to the world of digital literacy and connection. We continue to be heartened to see the excitement in whānau as they take part in this unique programme which is making a difference in the lives of so many families throughout New Zealand.


Schools continue to be amazed at the wonderful opportunity the Computers in Homes programme offers their families. To be able to engage in a programme that not only upskills whānau but provides refurbished computers and subsidised internet into the homes is certainly unique. The changes in confidence, opportunities to go onto further training and positive learning experiences continue to be apparent in all the schools we work in.

Dynamic trainers

A programme is only as good as the people that work with it. It is delightful to observe dynamic trainers who engage the families quickly with a great sense of humour. They bring fun to their classes… using icebreakers to make people feel comfortable, hands on activities to learn about the power of YouTube and challenges for participants who have more knowledge than others in the class.

Success stories

Feedback from the programme is on-going. One family from a past Computers in Homes programme contacted us recently and explained that they had now set up a hangi business, using a Facebook page for promotion. This family is delighted with their new venture and acknowledged the place that the Computers in Homes programme held in this.

Graduations are always a highlight for us. Being able to join with the families and celebrate their completion of the programme is always special. The certificates presented may only be a piece of paper but for the participants they are a huge acknowledgement of the commitment they have made. One mother told me lately that her children were allowed to stay up late when she bought the computer home so they could each have 20 minutes on the computer.

Invercargill schools get involved

The last year has seen us working strongly with various schools in the Invercargill area. In these schools we have been delivering multiple sessions per week to cater for the number of families engaged – which has worked well when we plan for families with drop-off and pick-up times for their children.

Recent Graduations

The map shows Computers in Homes Training Centres where students from local schools have graduated recently. Zoom & drag map, click icons for details

Information sourced from the Digital Inclusion Map

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