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Christina Turner
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Annual Report: The area covered by Taranaki E-Learning Trust is large and diverse, and in 2015-2016 we trained Computers in Homes families at Central Plateau REAP in Taupo, Eltham/Stratford/Kaponga and Hawera CTCs, Tongariro Area School in Turangi, and CKC REAP in Taumarunui.

The 2015-2016 year has brought some unique challenges for the Taranaki E-learning Trust and the Computers in Homes Coordinator, Christina Turner. Not least of these challenges has been the geographical remoteness of some of the families we try to support. Makahu School is a good example.

Remoteness poses challenges

The principal of Makahu School, which is located east of Stratford, contacted us in August 2015 with concerns for one family with three children (plus two high schoolers) who are often cut off from attending school due to flooding and/or problems with roading in this very remote area. They live nearly 20 km from school and they don’t have, nor can afford, a computer or the internet at home. Sometimes because of the roads and flooding, the children are out of school more days than they are at school.

The school has other families who are also often cut off from school, but they have access to computers and the internet, and the teacher conducts school lessons with these children via Skype. We agreed to support the remaining family with a computer and an internet connection and then provide the training for this family and any other parents who wished to join by Skype. We visited the family to determine if an internet connection would even be possible and we are now waiting for the go-ahead from the family.

During the year, we received a number of referrals from other organisations in our area. Where possible, we include these families in nearby Computers in Homes classes, but sometimes the travel distances are just too great. This remains a challenge for our Trust in supporting these isolated and remote families.

Recent Graduations

The map shows Computers in Homes Training Centres where students from local schools have graduated recently. Zoom & drag map, click icons for details

Information sourced from the Digital Inclusion Map



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