Wairoa (families from 2015-16)

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Leona Karauria
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Computers in Homes in Wairoa is now included in the Tairawhiti Region.

Annual Report 2015-16: Our return to the Wairoa community gave 50 families without an internet connection in their homes the opportunity to join the Computers in Homes programme.


Access to technology for many local families is relied on through cell phones. For many families, this is the only means of communication and with a growing number of children that have cellphones, the cost of access becomes a struggle. For the 50 families that participated in the programme, many of them had not used a desktop computer for years and some initially thought they were no longer relevant. Most had either used tablets or laptops and so it was an eye opener for many families who were pleasantly surprised and amazed at how quick and reliable the CiH computer desktops are.

Internet access has been an ongoing struggle for Wairoa communities for many years. Computers in Homes has always been in the background and has helped to shape alternative internet solutions for many challenged communities. As a result families now have the choice of affordable wireless internet services.

Remoteness a challenge

For the more remote communities, such as Waikaremoana, internet access has not always been reliable and connectivity is often very slow. Many families no longer have a landline phone and rely on prepaid cell plans with limited mobile data. The costs are high in these communities when families need to top up their data, something that is a financial concern for many. A number of CiH families live on Marae Papakainga and through the CiH programme, we have been able to provide affordable and accessible internet for everyone living at Kuha Marae and Waimako Marae Papakainga. The whānau o Waikaremoana are very thankful for the opportunity that Computers in Homes has given their community.

There were six families from Te Mahia School that did not have internet in their homes; five participated in Computers in Homes during the year. Now almost 100% of Te Mahia School’s families have internet at home; this gives greater opportunities for this rural school and its community to connect digitally with whānau.

Achieving digital equity

With the many challenges of living in Wairoa’s rural communities, Computers in Homes has helped to create better and reliable internet solutions as well as providing computer hubs for training.

When digital information can finally reach a disconnected community that had never been able to participate in the digital world, then digital equity really is achieved.

Thank you to the schools, families, community groups, community services and community champions for supporting Computers in Homes Wairoa.

Recent Graduations

The map shows Computers in Homes Training Centres where students from local schools have graduated recently. Zoom & drag map, click icons for details

Information sourced from the Digital Inclusion Map

Earlier Computers in Homes projects

In  2009, Computers in Homes supported 250 families by providing them with a computer in the home and technology support, and in 2010 130 Senior Citizens took part, to assist their grandchildren. As evidenced in the previous year, many grandparents were primary caregivers to their grandchildren together with a high number of being secondary caregivers as well.


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